About the Podcast

The Podcast Under the Stairs

About the Podcast

The Podcast Under the Stairs (TPUTS or TPUTSCAST) is a horror movie review podcast that strives to be a little different from all the other movie review shows in your podcast library.

Starting in the autumn of 2013, the show has morphed and changed over the years with a mission statement to entertain, educate and spark debate on the best and worst this beloved movie genre has to offer.

Monsters, Slashers, Psychos, Gialli & More!!

Every Monday Duncan brings you an episode with a different podcast guest. You'll never quite know where the show will go the following week, bringing you spoilerific reviews of new and old movies alike.

If that wasn't enough the show branches out into Themed Episodes, Top 10 movies, Director Roundtables, Movie Commentaries, Horror TV show reviews and more bonus material than you can shake a stick at.